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Welcome Aron and Beezie!

We’re thrilled to welcome two new people to our team!

Aron Klein, Program Associate and Beezie Burton, Crime Survivor Program Intern

As Program Associate, Aron will be one of our most front-facing staff, and you may see him representing PSJ at community events. In the office, he’s a core member of our team, supporting both the Development and Communications Programs as well as managing the office’s day-to-day administrative needs.

Aron joined us after volunteering with […]

Youth justice is on the line. Vote Yes on Measure 101 by 8pm tonight.

Justice for youth depends on healthcare for youth, and you have just a few hours left to vote Yes on Measure 101.

Justice-involved youth often have greater health needs than their counterparts. This can be due to the trauma that sometimes leads to or results from their incarceration.

Yes on Measure 101 protects children’s healthcare coverage so that Oregon kids have access to essential medical care and treatment. Click to find an official ballot box […]

Criminal justice reform advocates support Measure 101

As the January 23 special election approaches, criminal justice and public safety reform advocates have been rallying in support of Measure 101, which would maintain healthcare for thousands of Oregon families. If you’re an advocate of smart criminal justice policy reform, and you’re wondering how Measure 101 will impact public safety, here are two appeals that land on the same truth: public health is a matter of public safety. Vote Yes on Measure 101.


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