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Organizing from Grassroots to Grasstops

Advocacy Institute for Safety and Justice

The Advocacy Institute is a trauma-informed leadership program that centers survivors of violence and people impacted by the criminal justice system.

The aim is to empower, develop, and guide advocates in their journey to healing, influence, and change within the criminal justice system or wherever their passion for reform leads them. We do this by creating meaningful opportunities for learning and political advocacy through monthly coaching meetings, trainings, retreats, and group projects.

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How community leaders are impacting the reform movement

Advocate Institute Leaders make positive impacts in their communities by taking action and organizing for the changes they want to see happen. Throughout this year, our leaders have advocated for policies aimed at advancing criminal justice and public safety reform to legislators at the Oregon State Capitol, and made their voices heard by sharing their stories during public testimonies. Our leaders are deeply invested in the communities they’re a part of and serve, organizing community events across multifaceted issues on social change and justice and countering narratives of crime and punishment on the grounds.

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