We are rebuilding safety & justice. Join us.

Our criminal justice system should promote accountability and healing, racial justice, and real community safety. But Oregon’s system falls short with devastating consequences.

Excessive incarceration tears families apart, deepens racial disparities, and drains public resources from programs that help survivors of violence heal. 

Partnership for Safety & Justice is leading a powerful movement for change. We bring together crime survivors and people convicted of crime to advance criminal justice reform.

In partnership,

  • We advance alternatives to incarceration that keep families together and communities safe.
  • We made Oregon first in the US to decriminalize people suffering from addiction.
  • We cut the need for four Oregon prisons.
  • We center Black, Indigenous, Latine, and other communities of color in remaking the criminal justice system.
  • We saved taxpayers over half a billion dollars in unnecessary prison spending.
  • We created funding for restorative justice and racial justice public safety programs.
  • We advocate for crime victims’ and survivors’ needs to ensure true accountability and healing.
  • We directed almost half a billion dollars to local addiction treatment, mental health, and crime survivor services.

Together we are rebuilding safety & justice, but our work is far from over.