Action #1: Urge your local council members to support real housing solutions.

Voters like us widely supported public safety strategies that work, including housing measures like the Metro Housing Bond (2020).

Now political power players like “People for Portland” are spreading lies and disinformation about the success of these efforts to sabotage our progress.

Email your council members and other local elected officials in Portland, Salem, Bend, and other Oregon cities. Urge them to stay on track with real housing approaches that we know work.

Action #2: Advocate for a more effective form of government in Portland.

Portland’s form of government is a barrier to addressing homelessness.

Join Coalition of Communities of Color’s Portland Charter Review action list to learn about opportunities to support improving Portland’s form of government and elections systems, which will in turn make it easier to tackle housing and homelessness and other urgent city issues.

Join the Portland Charter Review action list.

Action #3: Stay in touch with us!

Say connected with the organizations that cosponsored and presented at today’s webinar!

Click through the links below to find us online and on social media.

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Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt