Our last chance to speak out against recriminalization. 

We know that people are suffering from addiction on our streets in cities across Oregon. In our fight for safer communities for everyone, we’ve been opposing any efforts to recriminalize drug addiction while advocating for deeper investments in real solutions like housing, mobile crisis outreach, and rapid access to care.

Unfortunately, the Legislature is supporting HB 4002, which would recriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs, leading to jail time for people who just need help.

Recriminalization won’t solve Oregon’s addiction crisis, and we know from the history of the failed War on Drugs that relying on the criminal justice system to address a public health crisis just won’t work — and it will be hardest felt by communities of color and other historically underserved populations. 

If you believe addiction is a health issue not a crime, this is the moment to tell lawmakers you oppose HB 4002.