Youth justice is on the line. Vote Yes on Measure 101 by 8pm tonight.

Justice for youth depends on healthcare for youth, and you have just a few hours left to vote Yes on Measure 101.

Justice-involved youth often have greater health needs than their counterparts. This can be due to the trauma that sometimes leads to or results from their incarceration.

Yes on Measure 101 protects children’s healthcare coverage so that Oregon kids have access to essential medical care and treatment. Click to find an official ballot box near you.

Reliable healthcare can mean fewer trips to the hospital, fewer missed school days, and a greater chance for kids to succeed in school, which is why Yes on Measure 101 narrows the likelihood of justice-involvement.


Ballots are due by 8:00pm tonight at an official dropbox near you.

Without health care coverage, Oregon children and families are at greater risk of poverty, untreated medical conditions, and being denied the critical services that they need to live safe and healthy lives.

Voting Yes on Measure 101 means that all Oregon children and one million Oregon families will have a pathway toward health and recovery that can prevent crime and transform lives.

You have just a few hours left, so vote for health by 8:00pm tonight!