Welcome Aron and Beezie!

We’re thrilled to welcome two new people to our team!

Aron Klein, Program Associate and Beezie Burton, Crime Survivor Program Intern

As Program Associate, Aron will be one of our most front-facing staff, and you may see him representing PSJ at community events. In the office, he’s a core member of our team, supporting both the Development and Communications Programs as well as managing the office’s day-to-day administrative needs.

Aron joined us after volunteering with PSJ for several years, starting with his first Lobby Day in 2014. He spent 10 years supporting stigmatized populations and understands that rehabilitation is possible when people have access to help, communal support, and hope for the future. He’s also worked on a variety of social justice campaigns, including California’s equal marriage campaign. When he’s not working, you might find Aron square dancing, partially finishing crossword puzzles, or playing Ultimate Frisbee.

As the Crime Survivor Program Intern, Beezie is already steeped in research designed to uplift the voices of crime survivors of color. Her work centers on PSJ’s needs assessment project comprised of a series of focus groups and interviews to help inform public safety policies that better meet crime survivors’ needs.

Born and raised in Portland, Deolanda “Beezie” Burton is a Graduate Student at Portland State University studying Conflict Resolution. She has an associate degree in Psychology, an associate degree in Women’s Studies, and a Bachelor’s in Social Science. After working jobs that didn’t mean a whole lot to her, she decided to get her degree and do something that was meaningful to herself and the community. Her interests include criminal justice, the prison system, and gang culture and gang violence prevention. For relaxation, she enjoys coloring and hiking to waterfalls with her husband and dogs.

Please join us in welcoming Aron and Beezie to Partnership for Safety and Justice!