Safety and justice mean Yes on Measure 101

Healthcare is a matter of public safety.
That’s why we’re endorsing Measure 101. 

One of the biggest crises of our criminal justice system is the extent to which jails and prisons are used to house thousands of Oregonians who fall through the cracks in our health care system. Instead of getting necessary physical and mental health services, people who need care are disproportionately imprisoned and jailed.

Healthcare is essential for crime prevention and recovery. Here’s a snapshot of how a lack of health and recovery resources impact women’s incarceration:

1 Oregon data according to the Oregon Dept of Corrections, 2012. http://www.wweek.com/portland/article-18696-jail-birds.html
2 National data according to the US Bureau of Justice, 2012. https://www.bja.gov/Publications/Women_Pathways_to_Jail.pdf

Effective justice reform requires that we improve community-based health and social services so that people can be treated, not arrested. Moreover, crime survivors are more likely to seek care if they have healthcare coverage for treatment and support, and that access means that those who have experienced trauma can more quickly heal, rebuild their lives, and thrive.

Voting Yes on Measure 101 means that one million Oregon families will have a pathway to recovery that can prevent crime and transform lives.

Support safety and justice. Vote Yes on Measure 101.