Misguided Measures Revisited – Keeping Youth Out Of Jails

Partnership for Safety and Justice is excited to release the first installment of our youth justice update, Misguided Measures Revisited – Keeping Youth Out of Jails.

This is the first of three briefing papers following up on a 2011 comprehensive report that PSJ and the Campaign for Youth Justice released on juvenile justice in Oregon. Keeping Youth Out of Jails highlights the dramatic progress that we’ve made to reduce the harm caused by policies that pull young people into the adult criminal justice system.

We know that youth can be held accountable in ways that promote their long-term success and increase public safety. Indeed, Oregon has taken important steps to make sure that young people charged as adults under Measure 11 (1994) are held in safe and developmentally-appropriate settings, and provided with programs that empower them to rebuild their lives. This is great news, and your support has been instrumental in achieving these significant changes.

But, as we release the two remaining installments of Misguided Measures Revisited later this year, we will also have some less encouraging news. While Oregon’s progress in keeping youth out of adult jails and prisons should be celebrated, the harmful public safety policies and outcomes established under Measure 11 remain largely unchanged.

Part Two of Misguided Measures Revisited will document the devastating impact of Measure 11 on young people of color. Part Three of our report will address the long-term consequences of adult criminal convictions for youth and the significant harms caused to their families and communities.