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Here are three must-reads about justice reform, public safety, and supporting survivors of trauma.


In The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander shines a light on American over-criminalization of drug use and addiction, exposing the pervasive impact that harsh sentencing laws have on Black American communities, laws that deepen the legacy of segregationist Jim Crow laws.

Originally published in 2010, the book remains a poignant read in light of Oregon’s ranking as 7th in the nation for persistent racial disparities in our prisons and jails.


John Pfaff examines our over-reliance on incarceration in Locked In: How our Fractured Criminal Justice System Creates Mass Incarceration.

This data-driven book analyzes the impact of current sentencing laws on deterrence incapacitation, and rehabilitation. When we measure the public safety outcomes of our justice system, are current guidelines the most effective way to make our communities safe?


Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others  delves into the longterm impact of working with and supporting people who’ve experienced trauma. 

Author Laura van Dernoot Lipsky offers practical tools for direct service providers, helping unpack the effects of secondary trauma, learn from those experiences, and ultimately deepen compassion so as to be more effective and present in our work.

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If you’re more into films than books, … 

Here’s a video about the success we can achieve when we advocate together for safety and justice.