Community statement following the Portland MAX attack

Following Friday’s violent attack on the Portland MAX train, our partners at APANO composed a community statement, which we at PSJ have co-signed.

May 27, 2017
Community Statement on May 26th, 2017 Violence by White Supremacist

We are grieving the brutal stabbing and murder of two courageous bystanders who sought to disrupt a potential assault on a Muslim woman on the TriMet Hollywood MAX station. We extend our heartfelt care and support to the people and their families impacted by this trauma. This senseless tragedy happened on the eve of the Holy Month of Ramadan, a period that draws Muslim communities together with intentions for peace and harmony by centering our purpose and relationship with God.

We wish to extend our gratitude to fellow commuters who spoke out against racist and xenophobic taunts. We expect that those responsible for their deaths are held accountable, and that we will seek community-driven ways to restore safety. News that the perpetrator was a known White Supremacist, and was intimidating People of Color, Immigrants and Refugees on April 29th on 82nd Ave calls us to be vigilant in our resistance.

This horrific violence requires us to reflect deeply on root causes, and is not an excuse to further militarize our communities. We believe in a world where everyone lives without fear of discrimination, exclusion or harm. May more Oregonians take action to interrupt hate and stand for love. In these terrible moments, we are reminded of our fragile humanity and the need to build institutions around the inherent worth and dignity of all people, institutions that function as systems of care.

Here are several concrete ways community members can show support:

We all have a role in creating the society we live in. As organizations and individuals committed to human rights, we are dedicated to confronting the forces of hate and building movements for social justice. May we find courage and purpose, challenge anti-Muslim Islamophobia,  and foster community that ensures each of us have the rights, resources and recognition to thrive.


Andy Ko, Executive Director

And nearly 500 other individuals and organizational allies advocating for safety and justice