2018 Ballot Measure Endorsements

When people are targeted or denied the opportunity to thrive, our communities are less safe. That’s why we’re taking a stand on three ballot measures facing Oregon voters this November. Our staff and board urge you to join us in promoting safety and justice:

Vote NO on Measure 105


Vote YES on Measure 102


VOTE YES on 26-199

Say NO to Racial Profiling: Vote NO on Measure 105

Passing Measure 105 would put public safety at risk. It would allow police to target, pursue, and detain Oregonians based solely on suspicions about their immigration status.

Our communities are safer when local dollars are invested in local crime prevention and survivor services, not funneled out toward federal immigration issues. Crime victim and other critical resources are scarce enough, and we need more access, not less.

Learn more, join the campaign, and vote NO on 105.

Access to housing means access to safety: Vote YES on Measure 102 and YES on Measure 26-199

Statewide Measure 102 and the Metro Housing Bond (M26-199) would increase access to affordable housing for our most vulnerable neighbors. Housing is essential to protecting crime survivors and helping people who have been convicted of crime rebuild their lives.

Measure 102 would lift the statewide ban that currently prevents local governments from working with nonprofits and businesses to build affordable housing with local bonds. This fix is widely supported because it would help local communities create more affordable housing for families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities throughout Oregon.

Additionally, Portland Metro Oregonians will be able to vote in favor of the Metro Housing Bond (M26-199). This regional bond will fund affordable housing for our low-income neighbors and is supported by a broad coalition of businesses, faith leaders, nonprofit groups, communities of color, and elected leaders.

Housing is essential for crime survivors and people who have been convicted of crime to help ensure that they can heal and thrive.

Learn more, join the campaign, and vote YES on 102 and M26-199.