Breaking News: The Safety and Savings Act passed out of subcommittee!

Exciting news!

The Safety and Savings Act (HB 3078) just passed out of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety by a vote of 7-2!

What is The Safety and Savings Act (HB 3078)? Our priority bill realigns laws for drug and property crimes to hold people accountable with less excessive sentencing. Shorter sentences keeps Oregon from opening a new women’s prison, which allows more families to stay together and saves taxpayer dollars — some of which can be directed toward effective services like community-based supervision, treatment, and survivors’ healing.

What’s next? HB 3078 now heads to the full Ways and Means where 23 legislators will decide whether (or not!) the bill makes it onto the House Floor for a vote.

What can you do? There’s a new Advocacy Alert! This means that, even if you contacted your legislators weeks ago, you can get back in touch today and urge them to vote Yes on HB 3078.

Do you know how your legislators will vote? Every “Yes” counts, so it’s time to take action. In the coming days, we’ll send you contact information for your specific Oregon House and Senate members so you can call or email directly to advocate for Safety and Savings. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your tireless advocacy! With 12 days left in this legislative session, we’re counting on your continued support to pass Safety and Savings!