Privacy Policy

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Why We Have a Privacy Policy

Partnership for Safety and Justice wants to make clear what data we collect and why. Like everyone else, we are concerned about privacy, the overabundance of junk mail, spam, and fraud.

What Data We Collect and What We Do With It

Partnership for Safety and Justice collects user data from our website, email lists and our online surveys using cookies. User data includes items like your IP address, browser configuration, entry and exit points on our site, and your participation in our surveys. We do not use that information for anything except improving our website, and tracking participation in our surveys and action-oriented emails.

When you ask to join our list, we add you to our database and we keep membership and contact data for you. We occasionally do “list swaps” with other, like-minded organizations, where we exchange names and mailing addresses from our list with other non-profits (for example, Prison Legal News). Our agreement in any of these “list swaps” is that we only share data for one-time mailings (and we don’t share your membership data), so that if you ignore/decline their information, you will not be added to their list. You may ask to be excluded at any time from these “list swaps” and we will honor that request (send your request to Denise via email to denise at

Other than the occasional “list swaps”, we do not share contact data about members on our list, except where we may be required to by law or court order. We never sell our list.

When we use vendors who may have access to our data (a bulk mail service, for example) we use reputable vendors who only use our data for our legitimate business purposes, and will protect it from misuse.

Links to Other Websites

This policy applies to only to Partnership for Safety and Justice, our website and our data management. We link to other organizations’ websites on our site, but have no control over their sites or their privacy policies.

Keeping Data Secure

We have security measures in place to protect your contact and membership data from loss to or misuse by other parties. We also have security measures in place to protect any financial data you may share with us.

Future Changes to the Privacy Policy

We post our privacy policy on our website, and may revise it at anytime in the future. Our privacy policy will always be available to any member on request.