Partnership for Safety and Justice is leading the way.

We have developed an innovative and provocative model for criminal justice reform, one that engages survivors of crime, people convicted of crime, and the families of both.

Together, we advance policy solutions that are shrinking the prison system, investing in programs that prevent crime, and promoting healing for people harmed by crime and violence.

Our groundbreaking approach has been adopted by groups across the country and continues to serve as a model for public safety reform solutions.

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Communities are stronger when we invest in crime prevention, treatment, and solutions beyond incarceration.

Our work has redirected over $180 million from prison expansion to communities across Oregon for programs that stop the cycle of crime and help people succeed. We have replaced the extreme costs of prison with more effective investments in all 36 counties, including funding for mental health and addiction services, alternatives to incarceration, and crime survivor resources.

In addition to these statewide successes, we’ve introduced groundbreaking local diversion programs so that law enforcement can respond to drug possession and substance use with wrap-around services rather than prison or jail.

The policies we advance are among the most comprehensive in the country. Our work has kept two prisons from opening since 2013, saving the state over $527 million by 2023, which means more taxpayer dollars for the programs and services our communities need to thrive.


We amplify the voices and varied needs of people harmed by crime and violence, including survivors of color and survivors with incarceration histories.

Through advocacy, storytelling, and leadership development, we bring people together to strengthen support for victim services, invest in crime prevention, and ensure that all communities have the services they need to heal.

Crime survivors deserve a criminal justice system that works, which is why we’ve significantly expanded investments to help people rebuild their lives. Together with our crime survivor allies across the state, we’ve added nearly $10 million for community-based services throughout Oregon.


Strong families are a vital building block of a safe and vibrant Oregon. But the overuse of incarceration has disrupted communities and separated hundreds of children from their parents across our state.

That’s why Partnership for Safety and Justice advances public safety solutions to keep more families together.

To promote accountability and parent-child bonding, we advocate for community-based programs and supervision instead of prison. We also advance reforms that reduce excessive sentences so that the many mothers and fathers who are currently behind bars can return home to the children and families that rely on them.

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“It’s easy to point out problems in the public safety system.

I support Partnership for Safety and Justice because they find solutions.”

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