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Why support Partnership for Safety and Justice

Support Oregon's leading voice for public safety and criminal justice reform. In 2017, we passed policies that prevented the opening of a second women’s prison, expanded addiction treatment, and invested in community-based services for survivors, making the justice system more fair and effective for people convicted of crime, survivors of [...]

We Deserve Better

Youth are capable of positive transformation and our laws and policies should give them an opportunity to take accountability and then re-build their lives.  This two-minute video “We Deserve Better” highlights some of the core problems we must address in order to improve our approach to youth justice. 

Oregon Out Of Balance

Let legislators know that Oregon needs to invest more in life-saving victim services, addiction treatment, mental health services and re-entry programs for a more effective approach to building safe and healthy communities. 

The Next Right Thing

"The Next Right Thing" follows the story of Jamaica, a mother struggling to overcome barriers that come with a conviction history. Like many others coming out of prison, Jamaica is ready and eager to work. When businesses and governments include people with conviction histories in their hiring polls, everyone wins. [...]