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Partnership for Safety and Justice advances policy solutions to crime that ensure justice equity, accountability, and healing to achieve safe, strong communities in Oregon. We do this by addressing four aspects of criminal justice:

Safety and Sentencing: This approach to public safety fosters safe communities while reducing our over-reliance on prisons and ensuring a fiscal responsibility to Oregon’s state budget. It promotes safe and sensible sentencing reform with proven effective alternatives to incarceration that has a special focus on youth.

Crime Survivor Program: This program is dedicated to promoting progressive responses to the needs of crime survivors. We are building a base of crime survivors who advocate for a system focused on prevention, offender accountability, and assistance to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Youth JusticePublic safety is best served when youth in trouble are held accountable and given the services they need to succeed in the juvenile justice system rather than the adult criminal justice system. Our Youth Justice Campaign works to combat the laws that automatically try, sentence, and imprison youth in our adult system. Our recent study on how mandatory minimums, adult sentencing, and Measure 11 affects youth, see “Misguided Measures: The Impact and Outcomes of Measure 11.”

Justice Reinvestment:  Increasing amounts of our public safety dollars go towards prisons, while we are under-funding the programs best equipped to effectively address and prevent crime.  PSJ works to invest more in life-saving victim services, addiction treatment, mental health services and re-entry programs for a more effective approach to building safe and healthy communities. For more on how Oregon’s counties are faring in justice reinvestment, see Oregon’s Course Correction.