Our Lobby Day 2020 Venue.

Lobby Day 2020 is shaping up to be our biggest ever. We are excited to be gathering at the historic Micah Building, an accessible space that is adjacent to the Capital grounds. We will have plenty of room to gather as a whole community and in small groups as we meet, share stories, and prepare for our legislative visits.

The Micah Building is owned by the First United Methodist Church of Salem (FUMC), a church that shares our values of equity, accessibility, and social justice. FUMC Salem partners with other faith communities in supporting families transitioning into stable housing, and they are a member of a network of churches committed to LGBTQ justice. The space includes a worship room, and the building reflects Christian images and text. On our Lobby Day, we are committed to making the venue our own while also respecting our hosts.

A wheelchair accessible building, there is a ramp to the right of the front steps and an elevator to the second floor just to the left after entering the front door. Greeters will be at the front of the building and our registration team will be available to assist and direct you when you arrive.

Please call 503-335-8449 or e-mail us if you have any questions about the building or how we can make the venue and the day more accessible to you.