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In 2021, as part of a coalition that was robust and historic, we developed TRANSFORMING JUSTICE (HB 2002).

Crafted to address the structural and systemic racism at the root of the public safety and criminal justice system, HB 2002 would have eliminated mandatory minimum sentences, limited unnecessary stops and arrests, abolished supervision fees, and invested in culturally specific services, victim services, and restorative justice.

While some provisions are on a path to success, HB 2002 as a whole died. We released the following statement about HB 2002’s failure to pass together with our partners at Reimagine Oregon and Fair Shot for All coalition:

Salem, Oregon — June 17, 2021

Oregon Legislature failed to pass key policies identified by communities most impacted by police violence, over-policing, and over-incarceration this Legislative session

The Transforming Justice Coalition, Fair Shot for All coalition, and Reimagine Oregon are deeply disappointed to hear that the Legislature will not be advancing key policies that were part of House Bill 2002, including limiting unnecessary stops for non-public safety reasons like having a single broken taillight. 

HB 2002 was informed by community leaders, experts, and public safety stakeholders. It was developed by people who are most harmed by our current, racist public safety system and policing practices: Oregonians who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and/or people of color. 

This is a profoundly disappointing setback for Oregonians who value and have called for racial justice and changes in our approach to community safety, particularly people and communities who are overpoliced and who have historically been left out of policymaking. Oregonians across the state have made it clear that change is necessary and past due. It is deeply distressing to see the Legislature pass up the opportunity to make Oregon a place where we can all feel safe.

We are grateful for the leadership and vision of House Speaker Tina Kotek and Rep. Janelle Bynum, as well as members of the BIPOC Caucus and other legislators, who have fought alongside us to help transform Oregon’s public safety and criminal justice system into one that is more equitable and safe for communities across the state.

Our fight is not over, and we are collectively committed to passing the policies our communities have called for.

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