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Our communities are calling for urgent action to transform our public safety system to address structural racism that is at the root of our criminal justice system.

It’s time to work toward a new vision of true community safety by shrinking our corrections system and investing in policies and programs that equitably strengthen our communities, including culturally specific programs, housing, crime survivor services, and addiction treatment.

Justice Reinvestment 2021 Graphic

Rooted in our shared values of equity, accountability, healing, and opportunity, Justice Reinvestment 2021 (HB 2002) will:

  • Reform Measure 11 mandatory sentencing laws
  • Transform parole and probation and reduce unnecessary arrests
  • Implement more equitable responses to crime, and
  • Invest more in culturally specific programs and crime survivor services
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This historic bill was developed in coalition with some of Oregon’s most experienced and visionary public safety and criminal justice reform advocates and leaders. Read more about HB 2002.

Over the coming months, we will continue our work together — and with you — to advance HB 2002, bringing us closer to our vision of strong families and safe communities across Oregon.

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