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12 Angry Jurors: Where theater meets social justice

We're honored to be selected by Voice for Voiceless as the beneficiaries of their upcoming production 12 Angry Jurors! 12 Angry Jurors March 17, 18, and 19 at 7:30 p.m. First Congregational UCC in Downtown Portland Tempers fly high as a jury deliberates the murder trial of a 19-year-old defendant. The accused appears destined for capital punishment [...]

Announcing our 2017 legislative agenda!

Are you ready to get to work? Because we have a big bill in Salem this legislative session, and we really need your help! The 2017 Safety and Justice omnibus aims to: Realign drug and property crime laws. Oregon data shows no proven link between excessive drug and property crime prison sentences and crime reduction. [...]

Prison push only aggravating women’s public health crises

Communications Director Talia Gad's Street Roots column about the public health crisis embedded in women's over-incarceration. "Trauma is complicated, and survival strategies are even more so. But at the same time, we can’t know that 'almost every single woman in prison has been assaulted' and think that the solution to an overcrowded prison is another [...]

Oregon Was About To Open A Second Women’s Prison Because Of 25 Inmates

Oregon's population of female prisoners keeps growing, and the state's running out of space to put them. Oregon's population of female prisoners keeps growing, and the state's running out of space to put them. The Department of Corrections was poised to ask the Legislature’s Emergency Board to allocate an additional $5.2M to reopen the Oregon State [...]

Opening 2nd Women’s Prison In Oregon Would Reverse Progress

At the end of September, the Emergency Board of the Oregon State Legislature will consider a request from the Department of Corrections for nearly $10 million to open a second prison for women in Oregon. This decision would sidestep several rehabilitative programs already in place, overburden the state’s budget, and send Oregon retreating from the [...]

It’s Time We Fundamentally Change How We View Policing

PSJ ED Andy Ko suggests a starting point for ending police-related violence, writing that "the horrific violence we have witnessed over the past few weeks – all of it – and over the entire existence of our nation, can only end when we are willing to change the system that permits it to happen." Read [...]