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We advocate for policies that make Oregon’s approach to public safety more effective and just for people convicted of crime, survivors of crime, and the families of both.

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Safety and justice mean Yes on Measure 101

Healthcare is a matter of public safety.
That’s why we’re endorsing Measure 101. 

One of the biggest crises of our criminal justice system is the extent to which jails and prisons are used to house thousands of Oregonians who fall through the cracks in our health care system. Instead of getting necessary physical and mental health services, people who need care are disproportionately imprisoned and jailed.

Healthcare is essential for crime prevention and recovery. Here’s a snapshot of how a lack of health and recovery resources impact women’s incarceration:

1 Oregon data according to […]

Beth’s story of hope and resilience

Beth’s story shows the full potential that people in the criminal justice system can have for change when they are given a chance to succeed. Her experience is unique but not uncommon, and her resilience is a powerful testament to how our reforms can build safe and healthy communities. 

Together with Beth and hundreds of other supporters across Oregon, we continue to advance solutions to crime that promote families, prevention, and healing over incarceration.

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Why support Partnership for Safety and Justice

Support Oregon’s leading voice for public safety and criminal justice reform. In 2017, we passed policies that prevented the opening of a second women’s prison, expanded addiction treatment, and invested in community-based services for survivors, making the justice system more fair and effective for people convicted of crime, survivors of crime, and the families of both. 

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